Wednesday, June 20, 2007

everyone knows you need a pretty girl in your act

around 7AM i woke up saying "unbuckle yourself". that was different.
i think I am about to go outside when the pool dude named Jesse gets the heck outta my backyard.
I watched some really bad television recently while waiting for my favorite daytime show to be on and now I have that let down and bored feeling that I sometimes get.
and hey!!!! I was speeding in my car yesterday with my gramma and I liked passed a COP car sitting on the side of the road and he turned on his lights jus like a true dick mr.cop
and then mr. truedick cop started to turn around to catch me just like a COP would DO.
so OK when I saw what was about to be happening I started to scream
words like "NO" and "FUCK NO!"
just like YOU would do too.
dont lie.
drove extra fast
MADE a QUICK TURN into some nieghborhood
fuhuck tickets and fuhuck the law.
no no no! not really. i just cant speed! anymore! too risky.
I must keep a close eye on my acceleration.
and sorry if you are friends wth a cop or something and you find this wrong & disrespectful.
dont judge me.
or whatver go ahead.

and OH I saw Alpha DOG and pretty much ever since have had a really hard time sleeping at night.
the other night I dreamt of Pietro Pacciani.
he is long dead.
or was it Hannibal Lector? or both.
either way, no thanks.

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