Friday, June 22, 2007

its time to get ill

LAST NIGHT genius ME made the decision to go to sleep WITHOUT washing my face just to see what that would feel like and just like I thought it made me feel like a loser because woke up with a TINY TINY ZIT on my cheek. its practically gone. BUT thats not the point.
it would NOT HAVE HAPPPENED! if i wasnt being all rebellious and trying to be COOOL like that! i just had to try it out. see what it would feel like.
never again.that was funny when I thought genius had an o in it. like GENIOUS.
it does looks smarter that WAY.
i think.

i already need to repaint my DOWN RIGHT RED nails again, or not, I dont know.
I DONT KNOW ANYTHING! and neither do you, so dont think you are fooling me.
i am going to go swiimming and eat popsicles and candy allday long.
starting now.

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