Monday, June 25, 2007

cruisin' to someplace you've already been

LIKE OH MY GOD if only you could've witnessed my mothers behavior yesterday.
you should have been there! you could have seen it ALL for yourself with your very own eyes and face.
it ended with me calling her A SELFISH BITCH.
i was pointing at her.
so technically I guess you could say that 3 fingers were pointing at me??
she is the bitch.
its so true and we allll know it.
relationships are hard and they take lots of work.
and lots of planning.
and follow through. and name calling.
MY mom didnt even help me CLEAN UP MY KITCHEN! WHORE!
she brought a tub of vanilla icecreAM, ate some, said many stupid bullshit words and then
SHE just LEFT! thanks for the PARTY BYYYEEEE! basically.
as she was departing i said "WHTA THE FUCK!?! GIVE ME SOME MONEY!!!!!"
she replied "KATHRYN FRANCIS!!! you hurt my feelings." and so then I was like "OH WELL BYE!" as I pushed the button that closes my garage door HOPING it would crush her to death.
and holy shit that brings back some memories.
unhappy bitch.
and I am happy and I am fine when I say that cunt whore mother is no mother of mine.
oh how I hope to one day have a baby girl of my own.

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