Friday, June 29, 2007


no thats NOT my gramma
I dont know anyone in this pic but they all seem to know me huh
but fuck them.
dont you despise those ushers that take their job too serious?
I have ushered before in the past and never ONCE did I find it nec to be mean or douche baggy.
well, some usher w a ponytail tried to escort me to prison the other evening at a theatre for taking a picture.
i resisted.
it was very dramaticatious and I cant get all in great details here and now and I just wont so lets move on.
and this theatre I am talking about here had too many fucking stairs and too many bitches. bitches all around.
left, right, frontwards and backwards.
laughing like this: TEE HE HHEEE TEEE HEeheheheheeehee TEEEhehehehehe TEE HE hehe
and a phone RANG! really loud! during act 2!
I hate hollywood but they do have cheap croissantsandwiches and I really like those.

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