Monday, July 02, 2007

take your hand and walk away

its busy on the main road and I dont wanna leave my house AGAIN. fuck.
so I am like ignoring that I have to leave to pick up some fine ground coffee and some MEAT.
I am having to deal with some business type stuff that involves a drunk lady I am pretty pretty sure.
but dont take it too hard. she will be alright.
I guess.
me toooo WE WILL ALL BE OK.

thank the heavens I dont have a drinking problem.
sorry if you do you should really watch that.
gambling is a problem too for YOU i heard.
maybe I am wrong though.
do you hear things about me? people lie.
I have been bored today.
and active at the the SAME TIME>
I almost skipped the gym but made the right turn at the right moment and before I knew it I ended up in the gym just working on my fitness
he's my witness oooh weee.
I am fergie.
also I am thinking I will spend a few moments stretching cause I feel a little wound up and tense.
just because i am.

i took this picture right after I had a 70 calorie fudgescicle

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