Monday, July 16, 2007

private prop.

ants drink too much soda and are tiny & i hate their hyper attitudes.
but me I made some very nice summer dishes these past two days.
Without even TRYING they like JUST HAPPPENED.
ok. I will tell you about only ONE of them.
one was a medium sized grilled turkey salad w/ frsh lettuce from little BONNIE and Jr.'s garden
along w cucumbers, dried cranberries and ranch dressing.
viola thats a dinner.
no pictures though
because I dont walk 'round with my camera up my asshole all day fuckn day long like some of you.
thats gross.
lunches are fun to put together too.
and thats my life.
my gramma commented that I am very tan.
she is obviously very jealous.
and I made a nice comment on a ladies FACE to the lady and her face the other day but then I realized that she looked like shit right afterwards. funny huh.
the tree
example is not one way to teach something its the ONLY WAY
or something like that
and oh yea kiddo
I broke out my humidor thingy and bought some appples EARLY yesterday morning.
so I am all set up. thannks.
now I have to go so I can start my day that guarantees to includes a super FUNtime in a cycling class
so I can be fit
then I have to go to traffic school ONLINE and
then I am going to see abput doing some community service in PLACE of paying a large fine.
fuck paying money for speeding I will serve soup to the homeless ALL DAY LONG instead.
I bet that wont work out the way I want CUZ SOME slut will be on the other end of the phone w/ me and she will be a bitch and she will say no. and then she will take my credit card information.
fuck I ahte you.

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