Monday, July 09, 2007

different houses have different smells

you know WHEN you start a post with it its goonnnna be a GOOOD fuckin one moth fuckas.
and yes I just called everyone moth fuckers.
a person that fucks moths.
BUT YOU KNOW when like you are stuck doing things that you dont really want to do but you have to because thats what you do.
you know? you know!! you know.
like posting a post.
like talking.
like church.
like eating dinner.
well I BAILED out of church on SUNDAY because I AM a mean and scary person.
? no.
I tried and thats wrong to say.
YOU dont know the WHOLE story so you can just STOP what you are doing right there and now.
i bombed the church. sorry everyone, it was horrific of me
i know
I was there.
then the ants came and it got really really messy. just forget it.

I dreamt of showering a nice shower in a strange shower last night.
I was getting ready.
for where? I forget.
BUT I was like YES HERE I AM showering, AND THIS IS GREAT.
nothing spectacular just your basic water and soap bathtub type shower.
maybe it smelled good.
in my dream.
do you think that could actually be my REAL life happening then and NOW I am dreaming in that LIFE.
I have said this before.
everyone has.
its not THAT amazing to think but still it could be tru dat yo word to your mother.
let it sink in for awhile.
i think I was traveling.

so YES TRANSFORMERS was very good and I laughed the loudest and the mostest.
and once again thats nothing special.
I am not saying that I am anything special
i want to be thinner.
in real time I just thoroughly sanitized my bong.
chew on that.

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