Tuesday, July 03, 2007


1.i think that you have lost your mind.
lets all go find some hope together.
2.my ankles and feeet sometimes start to hurt really hecka bad when I am layin it down in TURBOKICKBOXING but I just barrel through cause I am fucokniing TUFF and shit.
am I tough?
3.I have dishes to do.
4.maybe I will meet my friend JANET for an iced coffeee later today i am not sure. i hope so. I will call her right now. yes. we are meeting.
5.she tagged me w this eight random facts thing but I am not sure I know how to play. I would usually ignore such a request but I feel obligations towards her.
and I guess I have to tag some more people too? who?
6.she is the reason why I started this blog.
thanks a lot janet.
you can go ahead and thank her too READERS.
7.i feel as if I dont know 8 things about anything.
8.I dropped out of high school early my senior yr
but I did have a fun graduation party anyways.
janet was there. i bet she forgot all about it.
she probably wasnt even there.
maybe I made it up in my head.
it was a long time ago.

ok so I tag Carrie, Robert and grumbleMurray
dont feeel obligated.

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