Tuesday, July 17, 2007

cause um I dont remember oh well nevermind

my legs are scarred and bruised and scraped.
like a lady.
I saw cool stuff in my own damn town today. like whoa.
a meduim opened up shop here in town and i need to spend some money on her so I can recieve my fucking messages for once in my fucking life.
and NOW I wanna own a dress shoppe. i feel the URGE.
please. please.
and I now have a court date for august 2oth @ 8 thirty am so I GUESS i have to miss my cycling class that day.
unfair, shit.
i will be talking to A JUDGE.
I will prezent my CASE.
should I go all private too??????
no way because that is gay all day.
because I say.
but so is this.
its not really fun really.
all this.
or it is.

notice how I have a flickr account!

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