Friday, July 27, 2007


i should just post already.
things have been very exciting.
watching someone try their hardest to hurt someone can be interesting and educational.
I personally dont wish to hurt anyone,
I swear.
thankfully for me I do believe in the friends that I have and the compassion I have in my heart.
compassion is the key.
i shouldnt have tried to be a bitch over on HER blog about the dumb things BUT I guess I was mad.
I was mad that she emailed me some bullshit email telling ME that maybe I have a learning disability.
whchi yma eb teh cesa ereh. but who is SHE to say?
i mean HA HA and oh.
but I NEVER EVER EVER thought it would go to this level of extremes!
I bet it could get even better.
maybe she can whip up some more fantasies and back family stories for us all to enjoy!
I have a few of my own.
I am very fucked up YES but I do believe that I have my ass covered so to speak because people love me.
so anyone who thinks they can hurt ME is very wrong.
its laughable.
but I really would not like to dwell on this.
I could go back over all of it and correct her many MANY mistakes.
i know the facts and I know that I am safe.
and I am happy.
happy with my life.
and GUESS WHAT!? I help make the few people IN my life that I CARE about happy too.
people really do like me.
I dont know why exactly
and if you were around me you would end up loving me
and everyone knows that to be true.
unless you for some reason resent me for being me.
and oh yes I am a sociopath.
so freakin what? you obviously are too.
take it as a compliment the way I do.

oh and one more thing.
i do know love.
I know how much I love my son.
and how I could never leave him. not ever.
I know a mothers love because I am a mother.
the one true love.

I ahve laundry to fold.
and you probably have some fucking up to do.
and credibility to est.
maybe standing in some lines? or paperwork to fill out?
just do anything but worry about me.

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