Sunday, July 22, 2007

a heart of gold/stone

this summer on the grass
blogging is pathetic.
and I am going to church because I am a good girl like that and I enjoy A game of blackjack.
HEY there is a tiny, friendly bunny rabbit in my cup sayin goodmorning to me. goodmorning mr. tiny friendly bunny rabbit. youre cute.
I dreamt about a baby black bear and its momma last night.
I am so young and restless. like the soap.
after churchy poo I plan on making me some COCKtails, with RUM. cause I live on a magical pirateship.
did ya notice how I cut my blogroll in half? yes you did.
just cause I felt like showin the internet WHO IS BOSS.
I am boss.
I probably wont post again until SUMMER IS OVER BECAUSE I WANT IT TO APPPEAR that I have better shit to do.
but I actualllllly DO in FACT have better shit to do.
real life.
which is time consuming enough.
do you know what it takes to BE ME!?
today I am having company over for burgers and weiners and jello.
anything else?
only that the VILLAGE people were playing a GIG down the street from me and I could smell the queer in the air.
so go blow yourself you talentless fraud and dont be a fucking crybaby cause it makes me blush.

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