Friday, July 06, 2007

cause like I cant quit you baby

and yep like how i spelled opened with two n's?
I knew it was wrong while doing it but figured WHY NOT?! LETS DO IT!
it was not of any importance whatsoever AT ALL.
it is nothing. its bullshit.
but uhYEAH it is scary to think of what and WHO reads your blog.
some lonely maniacs.
thats enough to make anybody ponder
i should quit my blog too.
maybe my blog brings me down also.
but maybe my blog doesnt really do anything to me at all.
maybe I need to QUIT everything else that drains me.
quit somethings and start somethings.
sounds nice.
but what am I talking about?
oh yes i do things wrong on purpose.
thats what I am saying.

adn I feel like its too stupidhot to go outside but I will anyways.
and I hate when I think of a better way to put things after I already put them out there.
there is no point.
stick w that.

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