Sunday, July 29, 2007


its true that I am not flawless. personally i feel that my ass is kinda big for my standards.
does that make any sense?
does any of this make any sense to any of you?
because its MY life and not even I can make any sense of it.
its sounds like some of you are experts.
did you know that I have a sweet son who hates sponge bob.
he hates him!!! he wants to KILLL HIM!
i hate him too.
I am somebodys mother.
I have to focus on my son.
this is effecting him.
and maybe my ass.
I have been trying to skip my midnight snacks.
it helps that I am sleeping better at night.
hopefully I dont get stabbed in the chest in the middle of my slumber.
should I go to a softball game tonight?
i dont think I should cause I am afraid of the evil world.

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