Monday, July 30, 2007

all squared away

i pretty much hung with my gma all day today.
it was fine.
this is a busy week for me.
sons birthday and all that.
i ordered his cake today.
the bakery people were very nice.
and here is my horoscope and maybe yours if you are a scorpio like me:
The wonderful thing about your imagination is that it can take you places in your mind that don't exist yet. Your creativity can help you feel more powerful, freer and happier than reality may allow. But the bad thing about your imagination is that it can seize upon one tiny fear and spin out all sorts of scary scenarios. Control this 'stinking thinking' today by not letting yourself get too far ahead. Don't worry about what could be -- just focus on enjoying what is.

but thats just for fun.

i bought straws.

now i need a few umbrellas

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