Saturday, July 28, 2007

am i just retarded or am I overjoyed?

I have a some art inked into my skin on my lower back.
I got it about exactly 7 yrs ago.
its ok. still looks very vibrant and fresh.
and today ONCE AGAIN someone was shocked when I told them my age.
everyone always thinks I am 20 or 21.
they are probably just being polite, and thats ok too.
this girl and getting married next week.
honeymoon in MAUI!
and she is having reception at this one place that my MOM used to work at.
a hotel.
a place I hung out at A LOT.
madonna TOO! madonna once did cart wheels all around the pool in a dress and she had NO underwear on!
just like paris and brit brit and that other girl.
anywyas! I hung out there TOOO and i was like YOUNG and one time my dad BEAT THE FUCKING HOLYSHIT OUT OF MY MOTHER right infront of my sad young eyes.
he pounded on her. it started in her office which was directly behind the bar BUT then it led into the bar area and uh maybe I dont remember anymore of it or maybe I am gettitn bored of the subject. its all very fuzzy. and I havent really thought about it for awhile.
and you know how some situations kinda start running into one big situation and then you get all confused and then you say WHATEVER.
do youknow MAN!?
in the end all her clothing had all been ripped to shreds. pieces hanging off of her. makeup running down her face.
but the poinT is this nice girl Jesse is having her wedding reception there and I was like OH COOL.
drink a drink for me.
and now I would like to move on with my life.
I LIKE how I sit around in my sweaty wet gym clothes for awhile
it makes me cold all cold and goosebumpy and then when I take a shower the hot water BURNS the fuck out of my skin.
I like that.
I also like that my sleep has recently improved.
when I lay down and close my eyes I feel so cozy and comfy inmyself that I drift softly away to dreamland.
and last nights dream was a dilly.

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