Tuesday, July 24, 2007


i love the people who are always trying to get me involved in their business.
like pyramid scams.
sometimes it sounds like a good plan and I am like SIGN me UP! but usually I say no thanks.
I SAW hARRY POTTER, and I got a little drowsy.
I almost fell off an elliptical machine today in the 24 hour fitness that I frequent
just flipping to page 85 of my JANE magazine got my hands and feet all discombobulated. and I dropped the JANE and almost broke my ankle, knee and face.
I felt stupid so I turned to the nice 38D lady next to me and let her know that I was going to KILL MYSELF
she asked me what I was trying to do and I told her THAT IT WAS ALL VERY OBVIOUS.
there was an article about a " freakish eating disorder"
sounds interesting. may be worth a try?
well needless to say I just said FUCK IT and didnt even bother picking up the stupid magazine after it dropped to the floor.
and another thing
david letterman has been on TOP of his game so CHECK out his SHOW. cause he is my DADDY.
carrrie callled me a ho.
and then I callled her a fucking cunt.
I always feel bad for someoddreason after dropping the C word in such a fashion.
I have no style.

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