Thursday, July 05, 2007

simple like that

the little dog lost its little mind during the firework explosions and it really pissed me off
the whole ordeal was very emotional.
I cant believe I even let that dog in my backyard.
what was I thinking? I shoudl KNOW better tahn to do something like that!
but I didnt want it to get hit by a stupid car and I thought it was my neighbors, but it wasnt.
at one point little dog had ants all over it, so I had to brush them all off.
she also barked A lOT!
i was all SshhHhhhh little dog all dAY long yesterday
and Drew got very upset in the end when we had to say goodbye to the little dog.
that little dog is a city dog.
BUT 4th of july wasnt totally ruined.
every fourth of july is nice and fine. right?
I could say the little dog added a little edge.
I just wanted to clear up that situation but i know its not all that clear cause I dont explain things that thoroughly enough.
or plenty.

something is wrong with my EMAIL and I am too lazy/dumb to deal with FIXING it.
shoot me.

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