Monday, March 19, 2007

one of the lucky ones

here is me and my sandwich that I just made.
god I am so happy I dont have to go to an actual job with a boss and other employees fuck that crap.
I am watching MONTEL and I like the commercials that tell me to get a job or go to school.
IF I did HAVE to go go to school I think I would go to to be like a CHEF or a BAKER>
I actually was just talking about the idea of me owning my own donut shop. maybe we could sell sandwiches too.
doesnt that sound great?

Montel is always stoned.
and his guests have been through some HORRIBLE TRAGEDIES!
MONTEL IS EVEN CRYING NOW! and now a little boy and his father are crying!
why am I watching this?
actually I remember now its cos its all ABOUT CRAZY WOMEN LOSING THEIR MIND AND SNAPPING!
thats useful info for anyone.

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