Friday, March 09, 2007

i thought so

This evening i have been invited to a jewlery party and I think its gonna be a good time. i am thinkng I should bring along my gramma. she likes jewlery. i have never been to one of these parties and now that I sit and think about it harder i hate these kinds of parties but my son can come along and play with his friends in the other roomand why the fuck not should I go? right? and bringing my gramma makes sense cos she is originally from new york and still carries an accent and so does the host of the partay so that makes for some good conversation.
I dont know. hopefully there will be snacks.
and m gramma needs to get the holy f outta the house moms house is her HELL> makes ya wonder.
the other day I walked into my moms house and nearly passed out cos the cat shit smeellll was so thick. cat shit and cigarettestench! mmmmmmm
goddamn my mother! i never stay in her house for more than 30 seconds nowadyas.

and I KNow for a FACT that there are some deals being worked out in my head while I sleep.
my dreams would blow your head out to outer space.

i have a slight cough

i once had this guy friend named justin perea and he was in the same grade as me and we hung out and skated around the town his mom made us snacks and stuff. and everyone i knew made fun of me for doing so with him but i felt like we had a lot of fun together but I guess he just wanted to have sex w me and when he realized that we NEVER EVER EVER were gonna do it he stopped skating around town w me and then he told mean untrue rumors about me to the whole school and it sucked.
I was in 10 th grade.
that was a horrible yr for me.
and he was like 4 feet tall and probably still is.
the end.

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