Saturday, March 24, 2007

4-1=3 & 5+7=12

hello and happy Saturday.
today I treated myself to a bagel sandwich.
I am all out of french rolls.
and I am very aware that my gramma is sitting watching mystery shows waiting for me to come and swoop her up.
but its like I dont know WHAT to do
maybe we should go to the cemetery and hang out and play around and do crafts and blow bubbles and play catch and STUFFF.
thats the kind of stuff I always want to do.
i certainly dont wanna go shop and actually I dont even know why I am going down this path right now becuz so far I am doing exactly what I want to do. and its just about naptime.
I slept in till 9!!!!!
and eventually everything will be done with and it will be time to go to sleep again. isnt that CRAZY!?
we need more than 7 days in a week. why just 7? so repetitive. 9 would be better.
and i dont feel like coming up with the new days names maybe some other time.

i badly want the weather to be FIRE BURNING HELL HOT so I can reallly get some serious swimming done.
but what am I goign to do about those harmful sun rays?
sunblock? I am not good when it comes to sunblock I always pretend I dont need it.

2nite I am baking some fish. Orange Roughy.
so I will save my gramma around dinner time.
fuck my right ankle HURTS for some mysterious reason.

and I will get around to posting my CHICKEN GRILLING PHOTO LATER ON!

demand demand demand.

hey my ankle doesnt hurt anymo!

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