Thursday, March 08, 2007

but the odds are against you

I am sick.
yesterday i was on my couch all day and I decided that I mos definitely HATE MY COUCH.
and I hate BRAS. I HATE BRAS!
oh and I started my period yesterday so I am alll fucked up.
I did go to the gym yesterday morning because I was trying my best NOT to give in to this FLU bullcrap and so after struggling through my hour long workout I thought I would maybe cont on with some relaxing yoga but some young whore waltzed over to my area and unrolled her flowery mat and so I said this; "OH. OKAY! I GUESSSS I WIIILLL MMOOOOOVE!!!" and she was all "oh I can move" in her mouse voice and I replied "no its cool I am tired anyways. BYE!!'
BUT what the fuck? she just takes my spot!? just cos I am putting my dumbellls away??
My purse, water and my rolled up green yoga mat were alll sitting right there. is she blind?
the stupid cunt is lucky I had the flu or I would have kicked her face off.
i dont like that girl now. shes messed up.
i bought PETER PAN on DVD yesterday!
going to the store when sick is the WORSTEST and DRIVING SUCKS TOO!
TODAY I am going to the library cos i feel a lot better.
and now my son is getting on my nerves cos he is mad that his GLUE WONT WORK!
kids are annoying.
whatelse can I blog about???

i am looking forward to taking a shower and a nap.
and I am looking forward to you NOT BEING A JERK!

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