Monday, March 12, 2007


it is suddenly spring and i could really use a muscle relaxer.
it bothers me that bottled water taste disgusting to me.
water should taste delightful. it should taste better than beer or wine.
squeezing a lil lemon is nice and you get some vitamin C.
yesterday while in line at the pharmacy i eyed those new softchew ROLAIDS that I saw on a commercial a few days ago and have been thinking about EVER since and I was about to purchase em but at the last second I opt'd for the womens chocolate multi-vitamin.
seemed like a better investment. but the truth is I just wanted some fucking candy and thats all the pharmacy sells.
medicine and shit.
and I was hoping they would have some nice bubble bath but they only had like some for itchy skin.
i need some sun in a bad bad way by the way.
and I made a ass of myself and made funny jokes at THAT jewelery party and they should have had some wine cos I would have bought more that was their mistake.
pretttty stupid.
but I had fun.

i am talkative and exhausted.

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