Wednesday, March 14, 2007

he told me the difficulties I would face

is it safe to post?
a lot of people appear to be running round thinking they are so wonderful and so cool and its gross.
once in awhile you may catch me in the mode of thinking I am the best and believing my life has been and IS more amazing than your tiny life.
but that is minimal.
a lot of people that I am talking about come across like the grand fucking POOBAW or whatever. somethng.
maybe they should try lowselfesteemo! maybe just shut up already with thinking you know a thing or two cos u dont and U are just as stupid as ME. and why cant everyone YOU just be nice and friendly? OH because you are an asshole. Ok I forgive you. sad assholes.
and maybe I am not even referring to You! and you dont even exist.

i bought some TERRIFIC new lotion and I am hoping it will improve my skin texture.

and i bought some new and improved cleaning products that I saw on a commercial and I am excited and thrilled to go scrub something!

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