Friday, March 23, 2007


when I make food I would like everyone who eats it to tell me how WONDERFUL and SCRUMPTIOUS it tastes.
I made it and it tastes goodand I wanna hear you say that.
I spend ALLLLL my life in my car and in my kitchen. and on my back! SAAHAHHAHAH GET IT?!
i should not say slutty jokes like that cos I am a mother and a wife.
and its just not appropriate. and I should not talk to my blog about my pot smoking habit EITHER!
Im hear to talk abput my COOKING TALENTS! I can fucking cook and bake ANYTHING!
today I made waffles and at 1st I total fucked up cos I was not reading the directions.
I FAILED to DO some special crap to the flour and beat the eggs in a certain direction stupid me just dumped it all in a bowl.
very wrong.
so i had to waste a lot of eggs and stuff!
LUCKY ME still had enough ingredients for a do over.
and i ate waffles with turkey bacon and I thought how I would love to make myself a waffle sandwich.
yum. i love syrup and butter the best.
oh god.
my mom and my gramma realy drive me insane.
my son drives me insane too.
everything drives me insane.
the reason I just said all taht is because my gramma calla me up to give me info on my mom and I am just sitting with the phone to my ear THINKING THAT I DO NOT CAREONE BIT WHAT SHE IS DOING! I DONT CARE! WHAT MY MOM IS DOING!!

and last night I grilled some succulent chicken with a honey type GLAZE that I brushed on.
grilling is fun.
i took a picture of it while grilling and I PROMISE I will post it for all of our pleasure.

i enjoy watering grass and cement.

and oh my gosh I am going over to JAnelles house. can you believe it?? she just now called me.
like that is so cool! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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