Monday, September 24, 2007


fluteoh lordy.
mondays suck always right?
monday at the gym is CYCLING and I hate it.
Fridays too actually.
its too hard.
I've done it many times before so I know its do able but holy FUCKen christ : /
when I am on that bike in that rooom all I am thinking about is how hard and how much I hate it
but I keep on peddling on
resistance and all
for whatever reason today I just dont wannt to deal with that pain
this will all lead me to feelings of guilt and fat and I HATE that too.
its just so fucked.
maybe I can settle this by walking/ jogging my dog around the block and eating absolutely nothing throughout the day. ha!
the weather is nice PLUS I dont think we have been on a walk since THAT SCARY dog attack happened.
remember that?
should I link it?
maybe i will.
RAYMI is always linking back to the past and she is wonderful.
the past is fun to look back on and learn from and laugh at but the future and present should only be feared.
lets all of us be humbled by that FACT.
i dont know if you are getting my humor here?
because right now everything I am saying is extremely funny and you should be laughing.

ok I am going to clean my house, ignore the telephone and walk a dog.

i think I feel a you tube music video coming on for our viewing pleasure.

what the fuck is Jeremys problem?

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