Thursday, September 20, 2007

i got my period

before soccer practice yesterday I threw a hissy fit in the privacy of my home while searching for a warm shirt to wear.
dressing myself is never easy.
actually now that I think about it the hissy continued even after I found a shirt and left the house and the reason why is because the shirt was stupid and made me have sweaty armpits. so i stopped at my husbands place of employment to show him the fucking problem and he was like "yep you have sweaty armpits you should probably change" and that made me really mad because I was expecting him to say, "WHATEVER ITS COOL have FUN at soccer practice you are badass."
but how is he gonna know thats what he should do?
I am a puzzle.
but it seems so simple and really its the goddamn shirts fault.
I am throwing it in the trash.
or getting a prescription for strong deodorant.
maybe both.
BUT to finish up this story,
I stormed out of TIMS work with my problem unresolved I went to a nearby store and bought the ugliest shirt that I could find. becaause I AM FUN.

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