Monday, August 20, 2007

Its gonna hurt you if it happens here

went to court this morning and pretyyy much mishandled the entire THING.
I am NOT eligible for traffic school and blah blah fucking shit.
the judge or sorry the commissioner did HOWEVER lower my fine 75 dollars.
I thought he lowered the fine TO seventy five dollars and did a celebratory dance but I was wrong. dur.
I still will have to ask for community service. OR NOT!
I should not have been speeding WHERE I was speeding WHEN I was speeding.
dont speeed.
I did make two friends while in line and while sitting
Diana and I forget the other girls name.
I wanted to sit back and listening to everyones plea after I was all done but I guess after my business was taken care of I had to leave.
which WHATEVER cuz I have A LIFE TO LEAD.
and so ya know my HITS are so WAY WAY down.
and I LIKE IT. means that people dont give a fucking shit and thats comforting.
yesterday while on a walk with my son and sweet golden ret. a MEAN AND SCARY PITBULL ran up to my dog and sniffed and ATTACKED her!
i was panic-stricken! I screamed for help like I was being RAPED and MURDERED.
my dog got her stupid collar off and then the dogs were doing whatever in the street
I was trying to hit that MEAN SCARY dog with my dogs chain leash while screaming HELP!!! SOMEONE HEPL!!!!US!!! AAAAHHHH!
then FINALLLY some asshole came out of his hoouse to see what the holy fucking jesus was going on and then everything was fine.
my dog wasnt even hurt just had slobber on her fur.
crazy dogs.
i can hardly remember what happened.
anything else to add?
the mexican mom came out to say sorryy and to touch my arm with her healing touch and told me I might be "diabetes" and I should "EAT THE BREAD".
she should have invited me inside for a rest.
but all I wanted to do was get OUT of there and on to the next street over.

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