Thursday, September 13, 2007


remember I told you that I went to a party on Saturday well today I was given a CD of pictures and VIDEO from the party from
the nice young girl in the middle there
she is like 21.
how very sweet of her.
i knew I stayed home most of the time for a goood reason.
see that girl w the big boobs in the rinestone vegas top?
(there was a poker theme goin on so I guess it makes sense)?
she was TOTALLLY trashed but so nice and as she intro'd herself to me she reached out to shake my hand
well I was sitting in a idiot type way on a chair with fucking WHEELS ON IT I GUEESSS
anYWAYS my butt fell down inbetween the chair and ottoman and my mouth said OH SHIT and everyone laughed at me and I looked like a fucking retard. so I dont know if we ever shook hands.
and I dont think I can recall either one of these girls NAMES.
I should never go to a party or throw a party ever again.
and I should probably stop going to the gym too.
and there is a wedding happenning this weekend. Lucky for me and everyone attending I was not invited.
its better that way.

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