Thursday, September 06, 2007


so its LIKE i bought some soap that I am very anxious to experience something about ribbons and bows being involved.
dont you get so mad at simple ordinary daily TASKS in life for EXAMPLe the DISHES and the TRASH and the PAPERS and the DIRT and the SHIT and the POOP and the PEE and the HAIR and the SCUM and the SHOES and the FOODS ok well maybe now I took it a wee too far cause not all that stuff is ordinary and taskful I like food food is fun and shoes are awesome also
and sometimes I like taking out the trash.
notice how I dont know what the fuck I am talking about.
last night I said that the sun was way too bright but I meant the MOON
Or some nonsense like that
I am getting old like you.
goosebumpy a little
and I could use some new underwear.

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