Sunday, September 09, 2007


burn picture from yesterday.
today its much NASTIER WITH a lil YELLOW PUSS.
sorry but its MY BURN and I will talk and share all the information I have on it for the rest of my life.
one thousand times a day I get to answer questions about my burn.
doesnt it look like someKIND of BRAND?
my grammma was like "I have burned myself in the kitchen before but NEVER like THAT!!"
oh reallly GRAMMA?
well then you are not dumb like me.
and it does really hurt. even during my sleep.
everyone is an asshole.
but its all gonna be different now
I bought some something something tea with a hint of tangerine.
and I picked myself up one of those stupid facial buffers from the supermarket
cos I guess I felt that my skin needed to be POLISHED and now that I have done so my face is beat fucking red and stinging to boot.
but last night my mom let my son watch TEXAS CHAINSAW MASACRE.
why would she do that?

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