Wednesday, September 05, 2007

all of that plus a few more

a HOT pan and I came in contact tonight and immediately I could see the COOL WAVEY ARTSY DESIGN of the burn forming.
right were my arm bends. where you get an IV.
Ive been thinkin long and hard about tattoos lately
constantly checkin peoples situations out.
I'd like a lot of dessert art all over my arms and neck. go ahead and STEAL my idea FINE> or make fun of me.
I am sure its a popular thing right now anyways.
people sometimes copy my ideas too.
juts today (in the gym) I wore my pants rolled up and everyone jumped in on that action right away.
who started rolling up pants anyways? mustve been some shortstack
pancakes would be a cute tatttoo or a cute name for a puppy.
also I have been thinking about my birthday a lot.
the whole point of this post taking place was to complain to my you about the need for a new header up in here because I am annoyed with the one thats currently sitting up there.
design me a new one. I dont have the brains or the talent.
but whatever this is all very embarassing, and you must hate me.

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