Friday, September 28, 2007

still be tight

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it took me about 20 G.D. hours to upload a fucking file or whatever.
why would that be? bad connection speed? who's to blame for that?
did you notice that its Friday?
I totally did.
on Thursday I couldnt find my shoes early in da morning and I got superspissy and banged my head against a wall.
it hurt bad, but it had to be done and then I found my shoes. sort of.
so everybody!
there is a festival that I am partaking in this afternoon/evening.
call me up if you wanna go.
right now I am finishing up my lunch and watching a show.
i forgot to share my scorpion dream here on the blog and I couldnt care less.
lucky us.
remember to set your tivos up to record its always sunny in philadelphia
if you dont thats a big mistake on your part.
and if you dont have access to cable then you should buy the 1st season on DVD.
you wont be disapppointed.
and if you dont own a TV then YOU SUCK.
everyone owns a television.

I cant believe I DONT HAVE A BOAT BY NOW! i need A BOAT.
fucking hell.

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