Tuesday, September 11, 2007

thanks a lot with that

happy hour
i try and listen to the RADIO but the commercials RUIN EVERYTHING!
maybe the commercials are over now.
todays brightside thought is brought to you BY:
my kneee is fine
I have hopped around a lot this morning and I am good.
plus I have all those stairs to keep me tough.
sometimes I HATE my house.
sometimes I wanna MOVE really really bad.
its hard to pick a house or place to stay at for a long time and stay completely happy with it all.
for me.
and I still miss my old old house bUT we had to leave it cause it was getting pretty scary in that neighborhood and more and more bugs were showing up.
I am sure one day I will move again and I will really miss that pool.
but OOHFUCKYES i just remembered that I get to watch the season premiere OF CURB YOUR ENTHUSIaSM tonight.
I heard its racial.

I would stay and chat some but I really got to be getting in the shower now cos I have all these important adult situations to manage.
oh p.s. now I am addicted to bloody marys
pass it on.

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