Wednesday, September 19, 2007

fuck 07?

look at how well and FAST I heal. this was a few days ago so you can imagine how much nicer it is now.
its a gift from above,
i guess.
maybe its kinda yucky too.

tangerine tea I was talking about.

tank top i didnt buy. medium was like an extra fucking small. i dont get it.
I am in the deciding time for a halloween party.
last yrs was alright.
throwing parties is maybe too stessful for me. i get all nervous.
and its right around my birfday so then I get all PISSED OFF and angry that I have a lot of working to do all around MY DAY
before and after the PARTY.
and are the people even having any fucking fun?
I cant tell.
the place always looks good.
but is there fun?
is there fun yet to be had?
I will have to talk to some people.
and not all of you can be invited,
sorry or whatever maybe you dont give a care.
maybe there wont be a party at all. so there.
maybe I will start planning for halloween 08.
i willl be turning 29.
SO TODAY the weather has changed DRAMATICALLLY.
time to break out YE OLE SWEATSHIRT JACKETS and firewood.
all of this post is very confusing for my eyes
and heartbreaking too.

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