Tuesday, September 04, 2007


that is a european scorpion and the lady with the fucked up nail polish said they have a mild bumble bee like sting.
but a bee sting to me is a serious thing and not exactly my idea of mild so I did not hold this scorpion.
I sorta wanted to but I didnt.
now my chance is gone.
TODAY when I showed up to the gym in flip flops I quickly realized that I'd have to workout BAREFOOT. great.
so THAT plus my pants falling down every 2 seconds showing the world my cute rainbowy striped underwear + my killer punches and mindblowing KICKS turned workout time into comedy time starring ME THE KICKBOXING GIRL.
i told everyone that I was drunk.
i am fun and the people were amused.
but I am exaggerating ALL OF THIS.
then I was invited to a ADULT birthday paRTY on satURDAy!
when I was at the bank this morning some ladies screamed MISS at me I guess a teller was waving me over and I was too busy looking around at other things to notice.
there was 16 women in the line and only 5 men.
I am goign to go to the GYM TWICE today and YES that means I will take TWO fucking showers SO kiss my ass.

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