Friday, September 21, 2007

its a big day for all of us

i liked that orange mocha (notice no whip cream)
i did not like the movie LITTLE CHILDREN
it was annoying
and fucked up.
did you see the movie?
did you read the book?
its much better as a book.
just as fucked but less annoying.
but who cares? I dont.
i wish I didnt sign up for netflix. thats stupid mistake #eighty six thousand five hundred and twenty eight for me.
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HEY you like to hear me talk trash about my dogs right? well,
my idiot golden retriever ROXIE went swimming today.
she is an idiot, cause it was like 65 degrees or something silly outside
and now she looks all fucking retarded sitting around with some gay ass crimped hair.
i wont even bother to mention the OTHER little bitch running around.
two dogs? are you serious about that real life reality?
and god i have been baking too many fudgy brownies and that is nothing but wrong and irritating.
will I ever learn to control myself?????????????????dont answer that.
goodnight. sleep well or else you will be miserable.

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