Monday, September 10, 2007

But I want this I want that, gimme more I`m upset

I hurt my delicate kneecap today.
something happened involving a heavy truck door.
I think its cracked.
I would realllly like a VICODIN and I even tried to go to urgent care to score some.
yesyes I know drug seaking behavior but my kneee cap is cracked! ok!
well anyways I walked into urgent care and right when it was MY TURN to speak to the man behind the GLASSS he turned into mr. douchebag and threw up a CLOSED sign at my face.
he could have just said one moment please maam or miss.
be nice I am obVIOUSLY sick or something so be fucking NICE!!!! totallllly pissed me off so I left.
fuck him and fuck my knee too I guess.
I would still be waiting right this MINUTE if I would have stayed anyHOW!
so nevermind.
I will take a tylenol or whatver.
I am actuallly fine.
its not THAT bad.
tomorrow I still plan on going to my kickboxing class. I guess.

dont you think Britney looked pretty good for having TWO kids?
she should come stay with me for awhile.
I think she has a house somewhere right around the corner actually.
id like to schedule a playdate.
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