Friday, July 30, 2010

the winds have changed

Out of control!
FIRE! and smoke and wind.
Fucking wind blowing the fire and blowing the water everywhere but on the fire.
I washed off my porch. for nothing. well, a smoothie did tip over.
Nice way to close out the summer.
way to go WIND and FIRE.
Trying to find a movie to watch right now because we cant go outside and I am not in a board game mood.
Always in the mood for KILL BILL but thats not very appropriate for a 7 yr old.
well 8 almost.
next week will be a good week.
hopefully the fire is out by then.
I kinda have a headache and maybe bad breath.
I am gonna have cantaloupe slices as a side dish for dinner tonight.
IT'D be really cool if I grew my own fruits and veggies and even had a chicken and a dairy cow.
This is just a boring afternoon and I am wasting time and nobody looks at this blog.

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