Saturday, August 28, 2010

less is more.

peace in the water.SOmetimes I am don't even feel like filling up my water bottle with ICE. takes so long stnading there filling and refilling. its a process.
None of my clothes are fitting loose right now. I guess it happened when I was partying it up all summer and eating cereal at 2 and or 4 in the morn.
GOD I am dumb. One of the dumbest.
Thats what happens when YOu feel all SKINNy and good about yourself. let your guard down and start being silly.
THEN the fat happens. The baggy and saggy. UGH, this is gross.
BUT its only gonna get better.
I lost my thought. I am going out to a store now to buy some STuff THAT I NEED and STuff. I am always goign to a BIRTHDAY PArty And I will probably eat SHIT. THERE taHSTA WILLL MAKE MMEE FEEEL FAT. what should I do? HAve my mouth wired shut?
REMEmber that one real world where TAMMy did that. I was like WHAT did tHAT crazy bitch DO!?
but now I get it.
I get all of it.
Willpower is all I really need.
The fair is happening so I hope most of the town is busy with that and not busy with TARGet or any of the road I gotta travel on.
time is slipping away,

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