Sunday, December 05, 2010

your number

FireIt is December and I am not fucking around anymore people.
But blogging isnt as EASY as it used to be. or fun. everything is different. even the comments and codes and junk. I dont ever even look at any blog ever, and if I do I am all buzzed up and half asleep and bored. desperate maybe?
so hi there.
BUT This is what it is and how it be.
Lots of eggnog and white wine,
NOT mixed 2gether BUT NOW that YOU bring it UP that sounds like a fuckin good idea. YOu are so smart and full of genius.
I dont know.
I feel like venting. screaming and laughing.
I am happy.
My gramma is on oxygen and its a bother,
she should be getting home any minute now and hopefully a breaker wont burst or flip a switch.
Breakers are all sensitive and crap.
Soooo its all CHRISSSTTYmasy around our homes and the hoes are baking breads and quiches and shitzznit.
but remember I dont KNOW. anything.
I dont take my gramma to church and I am having some GUILT issues concerning that AREA of my life. ugh life. YOU know all its tricks and pranks. unbelievable the amount of bullshit that accumulates throughout a lifetime. what a book we could all write.
God is amazed I'm sure.
My phone is alll jammed UP with a million things thAT ARE useless and I am trying to fix that.
"Discard the bullshit", THATS the name of my movie.
been making some crafts with my mom and thats cool and jolly with good ole santa claus stuff.
SAnta is all of us.
You are Santa.

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