Sunday, April 18, 2010


P4163801P4163781I am awaiting a check written out to mi in the amount of 8 dollars and some change. woot woot.
thank you google adsense and thanks to you ALL.
8 $'s!
so maybe marijuana is gonna be legal soon in Cali YO.
can u even imagine....
HOW EXPENSIVE its going to be?
california could be loaded! rolling in it.
but no I am not even interested in all that.
not even caring about that subject.
I do care about my pool getting cleaned and fixed in the near future.
something is wrong with the pump and I don't even understand what or how.
no big deal.
my zen like attitude forces me to "let it be"
and to believe everything will happen when it happens and its all happening NOW.
i am serious.
here's to it!

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