Tuesday, January 26, 2010

conversation worth having when bored

P1222997does this sweater make me look fat?When my horoscope urges that I should ask other people for money I do.
You too should let the stars inspire.
My fingernails always grow so very nice, long and strong so when one breaks it can turn into a real problem.
You wouldn't understand and as usual I don't feel like explaining.
i guess i use my nails to type
making this typing thing challenging.
nails are kinda gross. and hair?
and teeth.
can one over brush their teeth? never
or drink too much tea? yes
and does green tea give you bad breath?
i really don't believe so.
anyone know how to siphon gas?
I do know how
I just wanna know if YOU know how...
and like magic some new comment programmy thingy appeared out of no where.
like poof.
anyone have anything to say about any of this?

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