Friday, January 15, 2010

this blog is stupid anyways

P8291801 Obviously obvious that was summertime because I am wearing a bathing suit under that bathing suit cover.
and I think I am thinner today.
Oh summer where are you? why cant I find you? see you soon?
SUmmer will not/can't answer me here on this blog becausenow for some reason comments cost money!
comments are messed up.
its just silly and unnecessary.
I struggle to even remember when haloscan first came into my blogs life.
so goodbye haloscan. you never did anything for me.
and maybe i never even liked you.

my dogs have been really enjoying the daily walks.
Here in my neighborhood the weather has been really comfortable.
I am so lucky.
WE are so lucky.

one month till Valentines Day! fun.

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