Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Took Note of The HARVEST MOON Too.

BellyBLah blah Blah I am bored. Luckily nobody visits this pathetic blog anymore, so its just you and me now.
Been looking at all sorts of images tonight.
ARTSY stuff for my BACK not because I totallly wanna be awesome and cool w ink to prove who I am as an individual but because the butterfly on my back is not going anywhere and NEEDS some LIFE..
something simple but celestial.
Stay away from the cliche.
@ the circus!
anyways, maybe I have been overly punchy, and I am sorry but shit man life can really get heavy YO.
and sometimes the bi polar creeps in.
just kidding.
excuses can be overused can't they.
THE other day some older lady school employee? teacher? I guess who cares. Basically some bitch who takes her job all serious told me not to ride my bike in the school parking lot and I told her that I was going to cont to do so and everyone ELSE will just have to deal with it and watch the fuck out for me and TOO BAD. She was SHOCKED and said oh hoho that It wasn't too bad for her.
So then I was like "yeah exactly so mind your fucking business".
what a moron.
Nobody tells me where I can or can not ride my bicycle.
Been doing it since August and nobody has said jack fucking shit and now all of a sudden she created a rule.
If its so damn important post a sign. and MAYBE I will consider it.
happy last week of this month we call SEPTEMBER.
Personally I greet October and every month hereafter with open arms.

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