Friday, February 12, 2010

nothing on you

LET me tell you why 7$ glitter nail polish with stars mixed in is a BAD idea and WHY you should never ever buy 7$ glitter nail polish with stars mixed in it
all that will happen is THIS:
-THE stars will fall off and EVEN get caught on fabrics and MAYBE scratch your face
-the stars won't come out of the bottle easily OR brush on your nail easily
-you will hate the way your nails look
-you will loathe yourself

Made plans to deep clean the inside of my car but looks like I am sidetracked.
I hate my hair and I am thinking about bangin it up. ya know!
I am not sure if I should.
Something PROFESSIONALLY should be done.
why I am so afraid of bangs?
I wish more cool people with like kind hearts read my blog more often and commented nice messages saying they would love to send me FREE gifts and samples.
thats not happening much.
big shocker.
sorry I want things.

I am going

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