Saturday, August 21, 2010

summers not over till the fat lady sings...

P8084413today I was like NO way i am getting up and doing any of the things I should
i am sleepy dont wanna and grumpy
then I was realized I was going to RUIN everyones day so I decided to turn on the FUN
and the pool heater, CLEAN my house and then SWIm & Tan!!
Then I guess BLOG.
Later I am planning a shopping adventure where I BUY fiber and maybe eggs and BACON or bagels.
stuff like that.
I reported to faceboook that I crashed my bike but now I will tell the internet more HERE and NOW. yay.
I fell in front of my house in front of numerous passing cars.
On my ass on the extremely blistering HOT concrete my bike all tangled up with me
scraped the top of my ankle
so i have proof and a good way to remember what happened.
and I will take a picture later.
It was funny. I m glad it happened.
I love falling down and scraping myself up.
Truthfully it doesn't happen enough!
Anyways, if i had to say what really blows about today it is the wind.
Wind makes my day less enjoyable.
if there was no wind it would be a hell of a lot different around here I'LL TELL YOU THAT!
Things would be calm and less ADD would happen too.
everyone has attention issues.
I pretty much forgot the point of blogging.

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