Saturday, December 11, 2010

Camera Phone

Can you believe the quantity of shit that people post as their facebook status?
Its pretty exhausting, to read and try to understand especially when the faces can't spell.
Is it cute to be dumb? Sometimes YES and sometimes no BUt its always cute to spell simple words correctly. I am not trying to say that I am super smart or anything close BUT I am not a total moron.
Oh and guess wha!t not one of us cares about your long winded boriinnng status.
We only care what you think about our short and sweet status.
I am the exception of course cause I really don't give a care what anyone thinks ever. ha.
This Weekend is awesome and I already treasure it.
'BOUT to go to a YOGA class in LANCASTER. Did it last week and it was challenging so this week should be good. THEN HWO HKNOS WHAT IWLL HAPPNE! sorry i am excited about LIFE!
Thanks for reading, thanks for browsing.
Thank YOU for thinking of me.

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