Sunday, January 03, 2010


P1022936this hotel is cozy and nice but I feel like shit.
the left side of my brain hurts when I move or think.
stress? allergies? lack of the weed? who knows? who cares?
Lord of the Rings is on TNT right now.
Around dinnertime at the sushi boat buffet I saw a girl wearing the dumbest outfit! i should have taken a photo.
Like some sort of stupid fluffy purple prairie dress and her hair was in braids with some ugly bows.
She loooked like an idiot and made me all MAD!
maybe she was involved in a play but I doubt it.
she chose that outfit on purpose to make me upset.
The dress even had LACE on it. lace. really?! LACE!
and oh yeah don't let me forget the pantaloons.
freakin pantaloons with freaking knee highs and freakin lace.
also! this hotel has a juice BAR!
Goodnight, tomorrow is going to be a long one.

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