Friday, August 03, 2007

thats awesome

here is the scarredblog.
makes me never want to do anything EVER.
MTV is disgusting.
now on MTV this bodybuilder guy is saying he would eat POOP if it helped make his body look better.
tomorrow night I am going to a concert!
i enjoy vacuuming so I am going to make sure I do that tomorrow.
I try to vacuum everyday.
my moms vacuum is broken and she wants to borrow mine and I am sayin NO
because she will RUIN my vacumm.
everyone thinks I am a real big meanie
what she needs to do is rip up that carpet and start fresh.
thats what needs to happen.
I need new carpet too.
at least I have a vacuum that works.
how do you continually break vacuums?
becasue thats what is going on.
this is like their 5th one.
or should I say flooring?
i am going to eat a cookie.

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