Monday, August 27, 2007

dog eat dog

this is on a kermit packback at TARGET that I WANT REALLLLY BAD.
it's only 9.99 and they have like 20 so odds are in my favor for 50% off soon!
it's funny cause some of them are marked 14.99.
so sick of hearing about michael VICK the DOG KILLER.
i shouldnt even bring it up.
yeah turn it over to GOD.
good idea.
all kinds of dog tragedy going on in the world at this time.
everywhere I turn its
THAT person stepped on that DOG!!
I shot a dog. you kicked a dog.
seriously take care of your DOGS pleasE
watch overthem and if you dont like them get RID of them. drop em off in the desert like a NORMAL human being or something .!
I am kidding. dont do that. thats wrong. you can only do that withe the rabbits, the snakes and the cats.
I dO not give a fuck what you do with your cats.
I hate cats. put your cat in the microwave and eat it for brunch.
though its true that some cats I do hold dear inside my heart BUT I can count the number of cats on this "list" on 1 of MY hands.
so thats like 5 or less!
I dont know why I am talking about cats and dogs when I reallllly want to talk about EBAY
and how much it can suck my dick.
and how the community is full of dick suckers.
i listed a southwestern style skirt and IT DID NOT SELL.
so I will just give it to the disable veterans man.
I think his name is RICO.
what does that mean???
anyone OUT THERE have any reeallly SUPER TERRIFIC and maybe TOP SECRET ways to lose 7 pounds?
i know you do.
I want to lose 7 lbs and then from there I will lose5 more and so on and etc.
I know I can DO IT!
and I know you can HELP.
maybe email me your tips or just leave them here in my comments.
now some of you smarties might want to pipe up and start recommending that I eat a cat or a dog or that I swallow some come.
dont say any of that.
none of that will help at all.
just think about it.
thanks in advance.

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